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Jaden Cymbaluk

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Why Video Marketing Is Important in the Tourism Industry

Apr 15, 2019 2:57:54 PM / by Jaden Cymbaluk posted in digital marketing, Tourism, Content Marketing, video marketing, video


74% of all web traffic in 2017 was video-based, and 70% of marketing professionals claim that video is able to convert more than other content. Not only that but according to Caribbean Dream Destinations, 2 out of 3 travelers are watching videos when they are deciding on a trip and related activities. So why is a video so integral in your marketing efforts? Let’s dive a little deeper!

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Should I Use Facebook for My Attraction?

Aug 21, 2018 10:23:35 AM / by Jaden Cymbaluk


Many businesses have been struggling to keep up with the constantly changing algorithm of Facebook and many small businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling with the idea of even having a Facebook in the first place. If you have a Facebook for your business or know someone that has a Facebook, then you know how true this is! It's difficult to manage, has a lot of upkeep involved, and can ultimately backfire if the business posts an unintentionally controversial post. In fact, if you aren't constantly posting and interacting with your Facebook as an attraction owner, then you might as well not have one.  So, as someone who focuses on tourist and attraction business, you have to ask yourself, "should I use Facebook for my Attraction?"

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